Karnataka government eyes legislation to curb online gambling

Published on:

Home Minister Dr G Parameshwara declared the government’s intention to investigate potential legislation aimed at regulating betting activities and curtailing the proliferation of online gambling applications within the state.

As reported by Deccan Herald, during a session in the Legislative Assembly, Parameshwara emphasized the detrimental impact of cricket betting on families across the state. He underscored the government’s commitment to safeguarding the youth from engaging in activities such as betting or gambling.

Recognizing the complexity of the issue, Parameshwara acknowledged that effective regulation necessitates collaboration between the state and the central government. He stressed the need for a comprehensive policy framework initiated at the national level, as many online gaming platforms operate beyond state borders.

Joining the discussion, IT-BT Minister Priyank Kharge highlighted the substantial economic scale of the real-money gaming industry, estimating its worth at Rs 1.6 lakh crore nationally. Kharge pointed out significant revenue streams such as TDS and GST, indicating the financial implications of regulating this sector.

Kharge echoed Parameshwara’s call for centralized policy making, emphasizing the transnational nature of the issue. He emphasized the need for coordinated efforts with international partners, particularly in addressing platforms operating from countries like China.

While refraining from setting specific deadlines, he expressed confidence in achieving this goal within a year. The announcements underscore the government’s proactive stance on addressing societal concerns related to gambling, signaling a concerted effort towards comprehensive regulation and enforcement measures.