Tamil Nadu: AIADMK leader questions delay in implementation of online gambling ban

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Leader of AIADMK and former minister, RB Udayakumar, has raised doubts on why the Emergency Prohibition Act has not been fully enforced to prohibit internet gambling.

By passing a law banning online gambling and upholding a double standard by not enforcing it, the DMK government, according to RB Udayakumar, is drowning the youth’s future.

Previously, a bill was drafted in order to stop online gambling and passed by the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly, but after more than a month of the bill being passed, the ban on online gambling has not been fully enforced.

Despite Governor RN Ravi of Tamil Nadu giving his approval to the ordinance outlawing online gambling, no enforcement action has been taken.

There has been a growing call for a tougher law to be passed that would outright ban internet gambling because suicides related to the practice are still happening. The Assembly then approved a bill to outlaw online gambling. On September 26, the Tamil Nadu cabinet gave its approval to the ordinance.

The Governor subsequently approved a law banning online gambling, according to a gazette notification from the Tamil Nadu government. Online casinos, however, appear to have not yet been the target of any enforcement.

RB Udayakumar, a former minister, alleged that the Tamil Nadu administration was holding up the enforcement of the Online Gambling Prohibition Act. In a statement regarding this, Udayakumar said, “the government has admitted that online games are the biggest social evil and social degradation. Is it fair that the Tamil Nadu government has not yet implemented the Ordinance after a month and a half ago?”

Today, the future of the younger generation is being questioned by everyone who is impacted by this online gaming. Will the Chief Minister take the necessary actions to put the Prohibition of Online Gambling Ordinance into effect today to achieve the goal for which it was passed?

The public is eager to learn whether the government would take action to swiftly execute the assembly’s passage of the law banning internet gambling.

Based on requests from the public, 10,735 emails with complaints were received. 10,708 complaints urged for the game to be banned, and when 200,000 teachers working in Tamil Nadu schools were surveyed for their opinions, 67% of them stated that they were visually impaired online and that 75% of their attention spans had been shortened, according to the report.

He highlighted that the Chief Minister should carry out the opposition leader’s call that the administration steps up and really outlaw internet gambling to safeguard the youth’s future.


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