Anil Kapoor joins Junglee Poker’s new campaign ‘Apne Type Ke Log’

Published on:

Junglee Games India has announced the collaboration of veteran Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor for their latest campaign titled ‘Apne Type Ke Log’ for Junglee Poker.

The campaign is designed to challenge stereotypes surrounding poker, presenting it as a game accessible to individuals from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, or background.

Bharat Bhatia, Chief Marketing Officer at Junglee Games, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Anil Kapoor, emphasizing the actor’s credibility, persona, and ‘Jhakaas’ attitude, which are expected to resonate well with the audience. In his quote to Storyboard18, he highlighted the campaign’s objective of showcasing Junglee Poker as an inclusive platform, fostering a healthy gaming environment for players with diverse skill sets.

Anil Kapoor while praising the campaign’s tagline ‘Apne Type Ke Log,’ expressed how it resonates with his personal ethos. Kapoor commended Junglee Poker’s efforts to redefine perceptions about the game while advocating for responsible gaming practices. Earlier Junglee Games roped in Abhay Deol as their brand ambassador.

The television commercial (TVC) for the campaign was conceived by Junglee Games and directed by filmmaker Abhinay Deo. Production for the TVC was handled by Ramesh Deo Productions, ensuring an efficient execution of the creative vision.

Through this partnership and campaign, Junglee Poker aims to challenge stereotypes and advocate for responsible gaming practices, marking a step forward in reshaping perceptions about the game of poker in India.