Bunga365 launches new online rummy and poker game table features for players

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Online poker and rummy games are growing exponentially in the India due to Covid-19 related lockdowns and curfews. In order to cash in on this sentiment, poker and rummy website Bunga365 has launched a cluster of table features that are bound to delight their customers.

Bunga365, which can be accessed 24X7 across any location in India, offers the two most mainstream poker variants – Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Users can play poker game variants like Texas no limit, Omaha pot limit, STT sit & Go, MTT sit & Go, among others.

In the competitive world of online gaming the scale of buy-ins and size of the prize pool are determining factors in attracting players. Hoping to tap into this, Bunga365 has now introduced a tournament option as well.

“Most professional players love poker tournaments and they can buy small amounts (or even nothing) and win large amounts of cash and incredible prizes. And if the players win big, they could even retire early,” reads the company’s press note.

At Bunga365, players can bet on fixed limit, pot limit and no limit. No limit tables are where the crowd is, as players wait for the next raise, re-raise and total bet. If players consider themselves as assertive risk takers, this format should be the answer to their poker dreams as the stakes can go high depending on the players bet.

If betting at a slow pace is more up a player’s alley, fixed limit games could be the solution. One cannot go all-in, but the added benefit is that one cannot lose out in one hand. The maximum bet is set to 4 x Big Blind in each betting round. This is an excellent way for novices to play many hands, see a lot more flops while get to know the game. In Pot Limit, players can still play all-in preflop in games using this betting format. Pot Limit simply means that players can only bet on what’s in the pot. Two or three pot-size increases in a row and one could be all-in. The pots are huge and the drawing action is even bigger.

The website follows the Government of India guidelines and has kept its doors open to beginners by offering a bunch of instructional videos on how to play poker which further encourages them to view poker as a game of skill and learn to adapt accordingly.

Bunga365 offers new players a welcome bonus when they join their online poker rooms. It has an online interface that allows one to play right on the site. Both the software and the interface are user-friendly, with easily identifiable controls and a pleasing appearance.