Throwback: When Kim Kardashian put on mirrored sunglasses to play poker

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Celebrities are often seen donning different outfits and accessories to portray their fashion statements, Kim Kardashian did mange to take headlines as usual back in 2018 by wearing mirrored glasses at the “If Only” charity poker tournament in Texas.

This act of hers quickly caught the fire on internet through memes as people flocked to call the move idiotic or stupid and started making statements like “Any time you feel like an idiot and nobody takes you seriously, remember that Kim Kardashian once played poker with mirrored sunglasses.”

Making fun of the incident is one thing, but do mirrored glasses really act as a disadvantage for the poker players or do people just believe this from watching it in movies or drama? There are many other speculations on why Kim wore those glasses.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Rich people usually like to flaunt their wealth with expensive day-to-day equipments from premium brands and these premium brands do not hesitate to promote them through celebrities. Many believe that Kim wore these glasses in order to advertise the brand.

Others believe that she had previously heard about pros wearing mirrored glasses during tournament or regular matches and wanted to copy them in order to look professional herself and gain some more traction from media.

Yes you read it correct, several pro poker players do wear mirrored glasses during tournaments and as silly as it sounds it is for their advantage. These include some well-known names like Phil Laak, Chris Moneymaker, Connor Drinan, Iwan Jones, Scott Fischman, Qui Nguyen and many more.

While in theory, wearing mirrored glasses may sound something that give you disadvantage, it is actually a great way to hide your confuse your opponents on your next move and maintain your opponent to bluff.

It is a common misconception that players will be able to see your cards through the reflection of mirrored glasses which can technically be correct, but players never pick up their cards during a tournament. Instead, they just partially bend the corners after the hand is dealt.

Another great advantage of mirrored glasses is that they hide or at least make it hard for other to figure out your expressions. This in turn can make the other players anxious to know what you might be thinking and make your moves during the game more unpredictable.

Being not able to predict what others are thinking during any general conversation makes everyone uncomfortable and lose their cool. This can have a drastic effect on one’s concentration which may lead to them making a wrong move and potentially lose the round.

In conclusion, mirrored glasses only have disadvantages in theory and prove rather as an advantage to people who know what they are doing. With a little practice, anyone can use mirrored glasses to their advantage.

So does Kim wearing the mirrored glasses during the poker tournament was a bad and stupid move as people were claiming it to be? Probably not, but it did not stop her from becoming an instant hit in the memes’ culture once again and gain publicity.