Chennai: Man commits suicide after losing Rs 16 lakh in online rummy

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Another man in Chennai takes his own life after losing money due to online rummy addiction. Suresh who was 45 years old, allegedly lost Rs 16 lakh playing online rummy.

After Suresh left home a couple of days back and did not return, his wife Radha got worried. Later, she found a letter from Suresh saying, “I have lost several lakhs of rupees through online rummy, I am not fit to live, so I am going to commit suicide.”

Radha immediately filed a complaint with the KK Nagar police regarding the matter. The preliminary investigation by the police revealed that the individual had been playing online rummy for around three years and was addicted to it, as reported by Dailythanthi.

According to the KK Nagar police, Suresh engaged in the trading of copier machine spare parts. He used to spend a good amount of money on online rummy and continued playing even after losing. The suicide note was left at his residence a few days ago.

It has also been reported that Suresh took loans from some of his friends and lost that money too. After searching for him, his body was found at Marina beach. Further investigations are currently being carried out by the police.

Meanwhile, a few days earlier, a man named Vinod Kumar from Chennai itself committed suicide due to similar reasons. After winning small amounts of money, he became addicted to online rummy and started putting in more, but lost all of it. Eventually, he took his own life when he was alone at home with guilt and mental pressure of losing around Rs 20 lakh in online rummy being the reasons.

PMK leader Anbumani Ramadoss has been vocal about these suicide cases for a long time now and blames the Governor RN Ravi for not giving his assent to the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Online Gambling and Regulation of Online Games Bill, 2022.