RummyCircle unveils fourth edition of ‘Raho Ek Kadam Aage’ campaign

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One of the most popular online rummy platforms in India, RummyCircle, recently announced the fourth edition of its Raho Ek Kadam Aage campaign with the brand ambassador of the company Hrithik Roshan also featured in the campaign video.

The fourth edition of the campaign currently emphasizes how intelligence, talent, and foresight are essential for responsible and skilled gameplay.

Raho Ek Kadam Aage is the catchphrase used in the year-long campaign, which has featured a number of inventive videos centered around the idea of skill gaming. The films show the need for planning, critical thinking, situational judgment, and other winning tactics.

Currently, the new campaign makes it the fourth one released in order to revive the effort and maintain consumer interest consistently.

The campaign shows Hrithik Roshan compares his success in movies with success in rummy, as choosing the right script is as important as choosing the right cards and analyzing the game in order to be a step ahead of the competition.

The ad campaign will is released on several popular video platforms like YouTube and Sharechat, as well as various OTT and social media platforms.

Speaking on the 4th Edition of the campaign, associate vice president of brand and marketing strategy at Games24x7, Avik Das Kanungo, said, “We are thrilled to present the fourth edition in our series of Raho Ek Kadam Aage campaign with Hrithik Roshan, where he brings his highly skilled and action-packed moves to highlight how he makes the right ‘choice’ to win in life and in rummy. We’ve had an extremely exciting year where we’ve attempted to build the category and reinforce the core brand message of skilled and responsible gameplay while showcasing the thrill of the game.”

“The campaigns have been successful in highlighting RummyCircle as a preferred platform for online rummy where players can hone their gameplay and compete with other skilled players,” Kanungo further added.