Activision to shut down Warzone Caldera shortly

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Call of Duty developer, Activision, in an official blog announced that starting September 21, Warzone Caldera will not be available to play on the popular esports title. All player progression, Caldera gameplay, inventories and online services are being shut down.

With this, the company claims that the team will be focusing more on quality content for current free-to-play Warzone 2.0. Furthermore, it will help the company focus on Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, which will have a shared Battle Pass and cross-progression.

“As of September 21, 2023, Call of Duty: Warzone Caldera will shut down, as our teams focus on future Call of Duty content including the current Warzone free-to-play experience,” the official blog post said.

Players are seemingly upset about the shut-down as even if the purchases were done in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 or Black Ops: Cold War, they were done to use them specifically in Warzone.

The announcement comes as no surprise as the company have already released Warzone 2.0 and had previously disabled microtransactions for the Warzone Caldera. The purchases made for Caldera will be usable in the game they were done through.

Some players are also pointing out that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 still have servers available after five years of release, but the company is shutting down the servers for original Warzone in just three years.

Players and fans express disappointment

This move from Activision is being criticized by several players, calling them out to at least make the purchases usable in the new Warzone. Compare to this, another popular long-running game by Valve, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, is also getting a sequel called Counter Strike 2.

The difference here is that all the inventory of players from Counter-Strike Global Offensive will be transferred to Counter Strike 2 without any charge. Not only this, but the older Counter Strike games still have various playable community servers.