Aspyr Media misses the Q3 2022 mark for KOTOR 2 DLC for Nintendo Switch

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One of the most beloved games among Star Wars fans, “Knights of the Old Republic 2 (KOTOR 2) – The Sith Lords,” received a port to Nintendo Switch back in June by Aspyr Media. The studio also promised all the DLC content from the original games to be ported to Switch by Q3 2022 but seems to have missed their mark.

The original KOTOR 2 is a role-playing game developed by Obsidian games and was released in 2004 for Xbox and in 2005 for Windows. The game was immediately a hit among the fans after its prequel was released in 2003, which was also loved by the fans. Everyone was thrilled to hear the news about the release of KOTOR 2 on Nintendo Switch but were a bit let down due to the rushed development of the game for Switch, introducing a lot of bugs in the game.

Despite the rushed and unfinished release on Switch, the game was loved by most and improved by fan patches that solved some of the game issues and added additional story quests. After the base game was released, the fans eagerly awaited the DLC release that was intended to fix and add some more crucial storyline quests to the game.

Aspyr Media also announced that the game save files will not be compatible with DLC content quoting, ”base game save files will not be compatible with The Sith Lords restored content DLC, but you can access any previous save files by disabling the DLC content in the in-game main menu.” Since then, there has been no news regarding the release of the said DLC.

At this point, fans can only wait for the release date of the DLC and then play the game, or play the base game now and finish it again with the DLC. Aspyr was also working on the first part of KOTOR, but the development was transferred to another studio. Nintendo is also yet to speak in this matter.