BGMI Godlike Esports signs TSM player Shadow, TSM alleges poaching

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Godlike Esports had announced their new player signing recently by taking in the former TSM BGMI player known popularly known as Shadow. Arjun ‘Shadow’ Mandhalkar is one of the better-known BGMI professional players, and his in-game role is IGL (In-game Leader).

Godlike Esports is considered to be one of the top teams in India as well as globally. But things are not in their favour for the past few months, as they failed to qualify for Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 1.

The Indian BGMI esports community is in now shock as TSM alleged this was a poaching incident of their contracted player.  Shadow, according to TSM, joined GodLike Gaming in breach of his contract with TSM.

TSM has alleged that there was absolutely no official attempt made by GodLike to buy out Shadow’s contract. According to TSM, GodLike got in touch with Shadow without their knowledge and poached him without an official buyout as the player was still under contract. To make things even more controversial, Shadow has made harassment claims against his former organisation.

TSM in a tweet said it will now handle this matter professionally and will take legal action. Jeff Chau, Director of TSM said it is unfair to an organization to poach and this would not prevent TSM from further investing. Chau said the incorporation of the Indian TSM entity is under process.


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