Billboards promoting Valorant spotted across Mumbai

Published on:

Riot Games has placed billboards promoting Valorant and Indian artists and players all around India in their most recent effort to strengthen engagement with Indian fans.

The move comes after the game released a new Indian Agent named Harbor and their partnership with Global Esports. Fans have started discovering several billboards across Mumbai in recent days promoting Valorant and some of the most popular streamers and esports teams in India.

Founder of Global Esports, Rushindra Sinha, was extremely overjoyed after watching the billboard. In his official tweet, Sinha showed off the billboard saying, “Look what I just found, Global Esports hoarding, right here in Bandra, Hot Damn!.”

However, several other fans quickly pointed out that it wasn’t Mumbai’s sole hoarding. Many other billboards were also appearing with similar graphics but with different quotes for streamers and esports, like “Making Waves Like 8Bit Thug,” for popular streamers and founders of 8bit.

Another billboard promoted Rakazone, one of the popular streamers saying, “Rake in Victories like Rakazone,” while another promoted the popular esports team God Reigns, saying, “Where Gods Reign Arrives A Hero.”

All the billboards were said to be a surprise and were totally unexpected by all teams and players. This heavy emphasis on the Indian gaming sector by Riot is considered a clear sign of the rapidly growing gaming sector in India.

Along with this, the official Twitter for Global Esports also announced two new assistant coaches for the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Pacific League Coaching Staff for 2023. With the addition of two new assistant coaches, the full lineup of coaches include –

1. Eraser (Head Coach)
2. Spin (Asst Coach)
3. Big Time (Asst Coach)