Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to reintroduce fan favourite Hardcore mode in Season 2

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The fan favourite Hardcore mode from Call of Duty (CoD): Modern Warfare 2019 is coming back in season 2 of Modern Warfare 2. Originally, the game mode was introduced back in 2022 called Tier 1 in Modern Warfare.

An official Tweet from the developers of the game Infinity Ward stated, “No HUD? No problem. Hardcore is back! Follow Season 02’s Multiplayer updates in our studio blog later this week.”

The objective of the Tier 1 game mode is to have realistic gunfight situations as players do not have a heads-up display (HUD) showing the enemy marker or bullets left in the weapon. Along with this, the health is also significantly reduced, and friendly fire is also turned on with no crosshair and kill feed.

The initial experience of players led to negative feedback, but with some changes the Hardcore game mode was introduced again and created its fan base and community. The Hardcore mode made changes like limited HUD with crosshair and kill feeds and was a significant improvement for the players over Tier 1.

Season 2 for Modern Warfare 2 will be releasing on February 15 instead of February 1. The reason for the delay is the developers wanted to make some significant changes.

Along with the introduction of the Hardcore mode, Infinity Ward also announced a new 1v1 gulag mode instead of the old 2v2, as the matchmaking sometimes was not fair. The game is also set to introduce a ranked mode to keep players engaged.

Meanwhile, there has been no announcement regarding the Tier 1 playlist, whether it will be removed with the introduction of the Hardcore mode or it will still be available to players. All the details are expected to be provided in the upcoming official blog-post by the company.

With the focus on introducing a variety of game modes to cater to varied preferences of players, the parent company Activision is also developing an artificial intelligence system along with experts at Caltech to reduce toxicity among players.