Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Hardcore mode to be released in November

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An official blog post from Call of Duty (COD) revealed all the details of all multiplayer modes available with the release of season one of COD Modern Warfare 2 including a hardcore mode like in COD MW 2019. The hardcore mode is called Tier 1 in the release.

Hardcore mode is one of the beloved modes by the COD community as it provides more realistic gameplay but the players will have to wait until November 16, 2022, as the mode will not arrive until the start of the game’s first season.

According to information provided in a Call of Duty blog article, the Tier 1 playlists provide a “more difficult experience than the standard Multiplayer. Operator health is lower, there are fewer HUD components available, and friendly fire is active. All game modes that support the Tier 1 variant share these components.”

The new COD MW 2 was released on October 28 and many players have jumped on the single-player mode and are satisfied with the gameplay but most of them are eagerly waiting for the multiplayer experience in COD excels.

With the release of the Tier 1 playlist and Season 1 of the game, there will also be a launch for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 which will be free-to-play and will include the traditional battle royale gameplay but will also have a new mode called DMZ which will include PVE elements in the game.

The developers of the games have described the new Warzone 2.0 as a fully revamped experience and will take place in the desert of Al Mazrah, a fictional region of Western Asia. Players will contend with A.I. as well as real players if they want to be the last ones standing. There will also be a new “Multi-Circle closure,” water combat, a new gulag, and more.