Esportz Premier Series concludes spectacular grand finale, crowns champions across genres

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The third edition of India’s yearlong esports championship, Esportz Premier Series, concluded at the NESCO Center in Mumbai on January 19th and 20th. Drawing together gamers, fans, athletes, streamers, content creators, and brands, the Grand Finale showcased the expertise of 80 top esports athletes from across India who emerged victorious from a pool of over 20,000 participants in the yearlong Open for All Qualifiers.

Esportz Premier Series’ broad multi-genre format allowed enthusiasts to experience the best in each genre. The event featured Logitech G as the Sim Racing Partner, Rooter as the Streaming Partner, Glance as the Smart Lock Screen Partner, and partnered with Rapoo & JioGames.

Over two electric days, the event boasted a remarkable 6500+ attendees, creating a thrilling atmosphere as fans witnessed their favourite athletes compete at the highest level. Organizations like Orangutan Gaming, The World of Battle, Enigma Gaming, Marcos Gaming, and TSG Army, along with top players like Pahadi Gaming, Charanjot Singh, and Davlish Singh, participated, showcasing their talents in Counter-Strike 2 (PC), Pokemon Unite (Mobile), Assetto Corsa Competizione (Sim Racing), EA FC 24 (Console), and Mobile Game- Head Hunters.

Global and homegrown brands played a pivotal role in enhancing the experience. A standout moment exhibited a showdown match between The Mafia’s and Team JSR, featuring FFIC 2021 Champions Vasiyo, Aman, MaryX, and Satyam Thakur, where The Mafia’s emerged victorious.

Fans were treated to meet-and-greets with their favourite gaming personalities, including Rocky and RDX, Shonty, Ignite, Insane, Sasuke, Solo Rush, and the entirety of The World of Battle, as well as The Mafia’s, including Fozy Ajay. Limited edition jerseys, goodies, and banners were distributed, creating a memorable experience for the enthusiastic crowd.

Santosh Smith, Director – Capital Group, expressed gratitude to stakeholders, fans, and gamers, acknowledging their contributions to making Esportz Premier Series Third Edition an unparalleled success. The season gained a swelling reach of 5.95M+ Views and 700M+ Impressions, solidifying its position as a major esports event.

The Grand Finale, aired live on platforms like YouTube, JioGames Watch, JioTV, Rooter, and Glance, allowed a global audience to witness the intense competition. Highlights, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage will be available on through LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, and Instagram.

The event also marked one of the first large-scale open-for-all Sim Racing competitions featuring Assetto Corsa Competizione, recognized as the First Official GT World Challenge Game. Looking ahead, the fourth edition of Esportz Premier Series promises a new and exciting season, with new games and formats, while maintaining its open-for-all and multi-genre nature.