GEF partners with Yunus Sports Hub to promote gender equality in gaming

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GEF (Global Esports Federation) has launched a new development program to support projects that demonstrate the power of gaming for social impact in the likes of gender equality.

“Esports can be a powerful force for good. We are committed to creating a safe, healthy, and inclusive esports ecosystem, supporting innovative projects that contribute to the UN SDGs, leveraging the power of gaming and esports for positive social impact,” said GEF executive director for strategy and impact, Thanos Karagrounas.

The program is currently run by Esports for Development (E4D), a division of Global Esports Federation in partnership with Yunus Sports Hub. The new initiative according to GEF will contribute to a safe, healthy, and inclusive esports ecosystem.

According to Inside The Games Co-founder and managing director of Yunus Sports Hub, Yoan Noguier also believes that esports can help promote gender equality and want to help out in the projects that are already making this possible.

We believe we can help accelerate the contribution of the global esports community, says co-founder Noguier

Noguier said, “Combining funding with the principles of social business, we believe we can help accelerate the contribution of the global esports community and industry to major social issues and the UN SDGs.”

As of now, in an effort to further its goals of “creating a more equitable and inclusive world,” E4D has invited people and organizations to submit proposals for campaigns. These types of programs will not only help in gender equality and diversification but will also help the esports community to get much needed attention along with other sports.

The Global Esports Federation has already been involved in similar activities for the welfare of gamers worldwide. Most recently, the GEF teamed up with World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in order to make an educational program regarding doping and its harms in esports.