Global Esports collaborates with artist Santanu Hazarika for Valorant Championship Tour Jersey

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Global Esports (GE), has collaborated with multidisciplinary artist Santanu Hazarika to design the jersey for its Valorant Championship Tour (VCT) roster. This partnership aims to create a digital and bridge the gap between art and gaming.

The collaboration between GE and Hazarika seeks to by infusing artistry into the design of the team’s jersey. Hazarika’s creative touch the standard ‘team uniform’ into a visually piece that embodies the fusion of art and India’s esports.

Rushindra Sinha, CEO and Founder of Global Esports, explained the motivation behind the jersey design. He said that the company wanted their jersey to transcend the boundaries of conventional esports attire. He praised Santanu’s work and said, “We wanted it to be a work of art while also looking at adding an element of fashion. That’s where Santanu stepped in to add his unique layer of art.”

Drawing inspiration from the ‘GE Lion’ featured in Global Esports’ VCT Player Card, Hazarika transformed the iconic symbol into a vibrant representation in the team’s three signature colors. The result is a visually appealing jersey that reflects both the team’s identity and its commitment to innovation.

Expressing about the collaboration, Santanu Hazarika shared, “I have always been inspired by gaming as an artist since I was a child. And I am a gamer myself! I instantly connected with the GE team as we both have a common ground when it comes to pop culture and gaming. They enabled me to explore a whole new world of how big esports is, which helped me incorporate elements of gaming, fashion and art together for a jersey different from anything else the esports world has ever seen.”

The limited edition jerseys, priced at INR 1299/-, are now available for purchase on the GE website. Established in 2017, Global Esports is a professional esports organization with it’s offices in Mumbai, India, and Seoul, South Korea. They have many championship victories across 12 gaming titles and an the celebrated VALORANT Champions Tour roster. GE aims to the esports industry through player development, content creation, and community engagement.