India Gaming Show: CII forecasts significant growth, highlights job potential in esports and game development

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At the India Gaming Show in Pune, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) stated that India’s gaming industry stands on the brink of growth, with boundless potential for job creation in the world of esports and game development.

As reported by Daijiworld, speaking at the event, R. Dinesh, President of CII, portrayed India’s skill in crafting new pathways within the world of intellectual property. He emphasized how this could catalyze the creation of numerous employment opportunities within esports and game development.

Dinesh’s projections foresaw significant growth for the sector in the coming years, with an expectation of exponential expansion. He stressed the journey started by the video game and esports sector, highlighting its growing prominence both domestically and internationally.

The sixth edition of the India Gaming Show boasted participation from over 70 exhibitors representing 10 countries. Notably, Indonesia made its grand debut as the show’s guest country, signifying the event’s growing global reach.

Despite its current market share of under 1%, India’s gaming sector sees potential fueled by the trends observed in PC, mobile, and console gaming markets nationwide.

Dinesh, in his address, emphasized India’s distinctive opportunity to spearhead the development of tailor-made games, thereby ensuring global recognition for both domestic and international products.

However, alongside this promising trajectory, Chandrajit Banerjee, Director-General of CII, stressed the importance of establishing a responsible policy framework. Banerjee highlighted the necessity of promoting responsible gaming practices to educate the populace and foster ethical usage within the gaming community.

Furthermore, Banerjee highlighted the significance of innovation and skill development within the industry. He noted a notable 49% increase in the number of women engaging in the sector, attributing it to efforts aimed at enhancing the talent pool and diversifying the demographics.

The India Gaming Show ended on an optimistic note, suggesting that with the right policies and continued innovation, India’s gaming sector is ready to chart a course towards success.