Indus Battle Royale by SuperGaming announces closed beta program

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SuperGaming, the developers of Made-in-India battle royale title – Indus, have enabled closed beta testing for the game. As a part of this beta program, players will get early access to play the game with the community members. The program will be played as a part of “Test Fest 01”.

Indus took to their official X account to reveal the details of closed beta test. The video announcement explains how to join the program for playing with developers and community directly. Insiders, who have been working with the developers, will also be able to enjoy the game before the public launch.

Watch the Indus beta testing announcement here:

It is clear that players will have to fill the form and join the Discord server to get the closed beta key. Additionally, SuperGaming team also announced a partnership with Anshu Bisht, Magsplay, Heena Sidhu, and TechnoGamerz to release a new gaming engine. The announcement features a footage showcasing the intense gameplay.

Since the early announcement, Indus has developed a lot and added multiple playable characters. To keep the ‘Indian’ theme alive, the developers have tried to depict the country’s rich cultural history and honouring heroes. This creativity-based theme garnered massive praise from the public.

Currently, there hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding the public release date. However, it is speculated that it may launch shortly after the beta program ends, hinting at an early-2024 release.

Ultimately, SuperGaming plans to make Indus available globally, which will further help promote the Indian culture. The game also encourages other developers to work on big projects, which will further create new jobs in the AVGC sector.

A YouTube video sharing additional details of beta testing has also been released, which can be viewed here.