SuperGaming reveals new hero “Mech Balika” for Indus Battle Royale

Published on:

SuperGaming, the developers of made-in-India multiplayer game, Indus Battle Royale, have introduced a new playable character named “Mech Balika”.

The short video narrates the story of Mech Balika and how she was created as a mechanical doll to perform dances according to the creator’s will. However, she gained sentience and chose to move on.

As per SuperGaming, the design for Mech Balika was “deeply inspired” by Rajasthani culture with the main focus being on her puppet design resembling “Kathputli” string puppet that is popular in Rajasthan.

The video shows her dancing gracefully while being controlled through ropes from above. It also shows her becoming self-aware, deciding to cut those ropes and taking control of her destiny.

This new addition comes just a month after SuperGaming introduced “Pokhran”, another playable character dedicated to India’s successful nuclear test that established the country as a nuclear power. The company has been making additions and improvements across the board to release one of the best games made in India.

Fans also seem excited for a first-of-its-kind entry into the Indian gaming market. So much so that the game has crossed seven million pre-registrations. SuperGaming has plenty of experience developing games, especially multiplayer ones.

Their other titles, Battle Stars, Silly Royale and MaskGun FPS have also garnered millions of fans. Indus is also expected to follow the same path as the game is developed to further boast the Indian culture and help the AVGC sector to grow.