Nodwin Gaming establishes strategic partnership with GEF

Published on:

NODWIN Gaming has announced a partnership with the Global Esports Federation (GEF), designating the South Asia-based company as the Portfolio Management Company (PMC) for emerging markets.

As reported by Storyboard 18, in the partnership, NODWIN Gaming takes on the main job of managing areas in South and Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and some parts of Southeast Asia. This collaboration signifies a step in NODWIN Gaming’s mission to propel global gaming and esports growth.

The GEF, a hub for the esports ecosystem connecting different industries and a network of global partners, has welcomed this partnership. Established in 2019, the GEF has expanded to include over 155 member federations, engaging athletes, players, and fans worldwide. The GEF aims to make new technology for games and creating fun gaming experiences. 

NODWIN Gaming’s appointment as PMC grants exclusive rights to develop and promote GEF-licensed esports events across more than 20 countries. This includes nations such as India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Bahrain, Jordan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the entirety of Africa. Moreover, as a PMC, NODWIN Gaming secures non-exclusive rights to host GEF-licensed events globally, allowing collaborations among its subsidiaries and partners on a global scale.

The recent acquisitions of Ninja Gaming in Turkey and an equity investment in Freaks 4U Gaming in Germany reinforce NODWIN Gaming’s position to expand GEF-licensed events in Turkey, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. Akshat Rathee, Co-Founder and Managing Director of NODWIN Gaming, praised the partnership as a gateway to unlocking esports opportunities for the youth in emerging markets.

Mario Cilenti, Chief Operating Officer at GEF, said he’s excited about working together. He thinks NODWIN Gaming is great at what they do and their experience will help GEF achieve its goals better. They want to get more involved with esports communities in places where gaming is growing.

The partnership between NODWIN Gaming and the Global Esports Federation marks a milestone in the evolution of esports, promising innovation, collaboration, and global connectivity within the gaming industry.