True Gamers announce eSports Island project in Abu Dhabi

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Amidst a global slowdown in the eSports industry, the Middle East remains committed to gaming with projects set to change the landscape. True Gamers, a player in the region’s gaming sector, disclosed plans to construct the world’s first eSports island in Abu Dhabi, marking a leap forward in the UAE’s ambitions to become a hub for eSports on a global scale.

With more than 60% of the population in the Middle East region being gamers, according to BCG, the decision to establish an eSports island comes at a time when the sector is witnessing growth despite global challenges. True Gamers’ move highlights the region’s determination to encourage both local talent and attract international gaming leaders.

The project, estimated to cost $280 million USD and aims to position Abu Dhabi as a destination for eSports enthusiasts worldwide. Situated between the Al Bandar and Al Dana developments along the Al Raha beach, the eSports island is confident to become a hub for gaming fans.

Upon completion, the island is projected to boast a total worth of $1 billion USD, featuring infrastructure tailored to cater to the needs of professional gamers. Among the island’s highlights are plans for a hotel, tournament venues, training facilities such as the GG Bootcamp, and spaces for content creation.

The True Gamers Arena, planned to host tournaments, conferences, and exhibitions, is designed to accommodate both console and PC gamers, alongside a streaming area for content creators. Complementing the arena is the GG Resort, boasting 200 rooms furnished with gaming computers, providing guests with comfort and convenience.

The GG Bootcamp, equipped with gaming PCs, analytical tools, and designated rest areas, aims to provide an environment for gamers to improve their skills and strategize effectively. Additionally, gamers will have access to a nutrition program, ensuring their performance during gaming sessions.

As reported by Hypebeast, in a statement, True Gamers CEO and co-founder Anton Vasilenko emphasized the planning behind the eSports island project, quoting a market analysis of the MENA region’s eSports landscape and the industry’s growth trajectory. Vasilenko expressed confidence in the proposed business model, validating its potential.

The unfolding of plans for the world’s first eSports island in Abu Dhabi indicates a step forward for the Middle East’s gaming industry. With True Gamers at the control of this initiative, the region is ready to navigate the world of competitive gaming.