Original CoD Warzone is back online, but lacks key features

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The original Call of Duty Warzone servers are back online and the famous Battle Royale game has changed drastically compared to before as there is now only one map and activity left to do.

The servers for original COD Warzone were taken down during the launch of Warzone 2 in order to focus on the sequel and make it a stable experience for all the players.

After the announcement of Warzone 2, several people were concerned about the original title. Most were concerned if the progress and the skins they bought in the original game would transfer.

Activision responded by saying that the game will be taken offline for two weeks during the launch and will only be available with a single map “Caldera”. The players will not be able to transfer skins but the COD points in their accounts will transfer over to the new game.

The original COD Warzone is now rebranded as COD Warzone Caldera with only a single map and playable mode “Battle Royale (BR)”. Every other game mode has been removed from the original title making it a base BR game with Quads and Solo gameplay options.

Modes like Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep along with many fan favorite playlists have been removed. Popular small maps for quick BR maps have also been removed from the playlist.

With the bare bones release of Warzone Caldera, there seems to be no plans to further expand or support the game by Activision. The game does not have a battle pass that players can grind like in the new COD Warzone 2.

The in-game store has also not been updated with new content which raises questions from fans about the future updates and support of the game. The is now a pure BR game with no gimmicks or COD charm.

As for now, it seems COD Warzone 2 is the main focus for Activision. Many people have shifted to a new game especially after it was released on Steam. Players believe there will not be any news and updates regarding Warzone Caldera.