Registrations for India’s first-ever franchise tournament Skyesports Masters now live

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Registrations for the first-ever franchise tournament Skyesports Masters is now open. The initial announcement was made back in April, featuring a massive prize pool of Rs 2 crore. The tournament also features AMD and Windows as official partners.

The tournament is divided into three phases, Cafe Qualifiers, which will be ‘Single Elimination Knockout’, League Stages, which will feature Double Round Robin matches and the final LAN Event, also with ‘Single Elimination Knockout’ among the top teams.

Cafe Qualifiers are set to take place from 17th-28th June in 20 different gaming cafes across the country partnered with Skyesports. The matches will be played as an offline event where teams will battle each other to secure a spot for the League stages.

League stages will start from 1 July to 17 August, where eight franchised teams face each other to secure a spot in the final LAN event. An important thing to note is that all teams will need five players that are over the age of 16 to register and play in the tournament.

The final LAN event will be on August 26 and 27, where the top four teams will from the previous tournament matches be face-to-face in an offline LAN event.

As of now, only Revenant Esports and Gods Reign have been revealed as the franchised teams taking part in the League stages. Bother teams already have incredible rosters across multiple esports. More teams are expected to be announced soon.

Skyesports is also currently hosting a Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tournament named Skyesports Champions Series (SCS), featuring a huge prize pool of Rs 25 lakh. Top teams from the country are taking part to make a name in the gaming Industry.