Riot Games to host real-life ‘Defuse the Spike’ at India Gaming Show 2023

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The developer of popular FPS shooter Valorant, Riot Games, have announced a real-life friendly ‘Defuse the Spike’ game during the India Gaming Show (IGS) 2023 that will take place in New Delhi from February 16 to February 18.

The company has already made people aware of their presence in India with several billboards promoting the game along with popular gamers and streamers in the country. The company also made mural paintings to celebrate the huge success of Valorant in the Indian gaming and esports arena.

The ‘Defuse the Spike’ live game will let fans play as their favorite agents in the NERF Shooting Zone, and will also let do their favorite site rush. The company have planned a variety of rewards for the winners and have also announced a photo arena for some of the most famous Valorant maps.

Marketing Lead, India & South Asia for Riot Games, Ashish Gupta said, “We are thrilled to be a part of India’s largest gaming convention, which is returning offline for the first time post-pandemic. With thousands of gamers and gaming enthusiasts expected at the India Gaming Show, we aim to deliver memorable experiences to our players, fans and the larger Indian gaming audience.”

“Given the growing popularity of Harbor, Valorant’s first Indian agent, and Lotus, a map based on an Indian theme, we are excited to showcase an immersive experience at the event, to connect with the Indian esports community in person, and to show our appreciation for their support over the years,” he further added.

The IGS is also hosting the offline event after quite some time due to Covid-19 lockdowns over the past couple of years. Being one of the most popular gaming even in India, many people are expected to visit this year. IGS have also partnered with India Today Gaming as their official media partner for the 2023 edition of the event.

Riot Games is trying to increase its influence in the Indian esports gaming sector in recent month. The company have also released a new Agent, which is based in India with a full-fledged map called Lotus inspired from the Western Ghats of the country.