Riot Games unveils murals and billboards celebrating success of Valorant’s Indian agent Harbor

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To commemorate the success of Valorant’s first Indian agent with the Indian gaming community, Riot Games has launched its mural art in Mumbai and placed billboards across other major cities of the country.

The mural is located at Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg Road, Colaba, South Mumbai, and covers 8400 square feet in size showcasing several aspects of Harbor’s story such as discovery of an ancient artifact and high-speed chases across streets with Mumbai surroundings.

Speaking on the occasion, marketing lead of India & South Asia for Riot Games, Ashish Gupta said, “We are thrilled to unveil this artwork as we celebrate the Indian community’s growing passion for gaming. Given the growing popularity of Valorant’s newest and first Indian agent, Agent Harbor, we look forward to bringing more hyperlocal experiences that resonate with the country’s diverse and dynamic community in 2023.”

“We are very optimistic about the growth of the country’s gaming community, and look forward to innovating more inclusive, dynamic, and immersive products and experiences for our audiences in India and across the globe,” Gupta added.

The campaign also includes a total of 17 billboards highlighting the names of creators and organizations at the center of the Valorant community, seeking to recognize their achievements and the overall success of Valorant. These billboards are visible in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and Vadodara. Fans of the game and content creators already spotted the billboards in December 2022.

“With expressive murals and billboards that form an integral part of this initiative, we wish to express our gratitude to the Indian gaming community, especially the creators and teams who are behind the success of Valorant in India,” Gupta said further.

The billboards were placed only around a month after Riot Games released an Indian-themed character in their game Valorant to further connect with the gaming community in India. The move can also be seen as a push towards the Indian gaming community now that the government has officially recognized esports as a multi-sport event across the country.

Along with the Indian agent, Riot Games also unveiled a new map based on the Western Ghats of India along with the release of Season 6 of Valorant.