Valorant cinematic reveals Episode 6 map set in India

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Valorant has finally revealed the cinematic for Episode 6 of the game which is called “Revelation” and with that a new map based in India has also been revealed. The new map will kick off Episode 6 after the addition of Indian agent Harbor last year in the game.

The latest reveal shows Harbor and Astra making their way through a jungle towards a large structure. The map is called ‘Lotus’ by players due to a huge lotus decoration on the top of the structure.

The location of the map is in the Western Ghats of India, which can be seen during the opening of the cinematic. The map was already teased during the Public Beta Environment 5.08 called ‘city of flowers’ and it will feature destructible doors and walls and three spike plant sites. This will be the second map to have three plant sites, apart from Haven.

“We wanted to make another three site map and show that this is more of a format we’ll keep using than just a single map,” said Joe Lansford, a level designer, as quoted by Forbes.

“Additionally, we aimed to make a map with high flexibility and movement for both teams. There are several traditional Indian architectural elements and locations that we took inspiration from. Step wells, Rock-Cut architecture and the Dravidian style. Badami Cave Temples, Ellora Caves and Rani Ki Vav to name a few,” Lansford added.

Season 6 will kick off on January 10 and will deploy the game patch v6.0 for Valorant containing the new map. There are also some new mechanics teased by Lansford which will presumably be revealed during the Dev Hangout on January 9, a day before the new update.

With such positive response and a massive community for the game in India, Valorant has become one of the biggest esports games in India.