Riot Games announces Japan as host for Valorant Champions Tour Masters 2023

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Riot Games will be hosting the VCT Masters 2023 for Valorant in Japan as per the latest announcement from Riot Games. The choice has been made to introduce the sport to new global audiences after a surge of fans for the game in Japan.

According to the official release, Riot Games wrote, “Over the past twelve months the Japanese VALORANT community has grown by leaps and bounds, with their displays of fandom across all types of events. Our teams have been working closely to build a new experience that will thrill fans around the world and we can’t wait to share what we have in store.”

Following the launch event in Brazil in February and March, this will be the second international event for VCT 2023. There is currently no set date, but it is slated to be held in June 2023 after the first International League splits are over.

Players will encounter the Top 10 teams from each of the three leagues in the competition. The region that triumphs at the LOCK/IN tournament in Brazil will receive an additional slot.

The Indian Valorant team backed by Global Esports has also been preparing for the upcoming tournament and fans are excited as this is the first time Valorant has partnered up with an Indian team.

The LOCK/IN event in São Paulo, Brazil will be the opening tournament of the season where Global Esports along with 29 other partnered teams will compete against each other. The winners of the competition will secure a place from their region in the Masters.

A total of 13 teams will be competing in the Masters with top ten teams coming from the VCT ecosystem and the remaining three from VCT International Leagues – the Americas, the EMEA, and the Pacific.

The winning teams of the Masters hosted in Tokyo will be guaranteed a seat in the Valorant Champions. The Last Chance Qualifiers in July will provide others a second opportunity to earn a spot in the world championship.

Currently, there will only be one Masters tournament in 2023 but another announcement from Riot Games states that starting 2024, there will be two Masters tournaments.