SuperGaming partners with YouTube for Indus Insiders Program

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Developers for upcoming Battle Royale game Indus, SuperGaming made an announcement that it has partnered with YouTube for their Indus Insiders Program that is aimed to help content creators grow their channel and community and grow their presence on YouTube.

Content creators will get to make content on the upcoming Indian mythology inspired Battle Royale game. Speaking on the partnership, CEO, and co-founder of SuperGaming, Roby John said, “Indus has been built from the ground up with the community and content creators, and we’ve been working with a small set of creators with great results,” according to Inside Sport.

YouTube is the best choice for Indus, says Roby John

“Now, we want to expand this to include more creators with Indus Insiders. After seeing an overwhelming response to our initial Indus Insiders announcement on social media, YouTube is our biggest platform to reach the right audiences and communities for our game. This made it the best choice for Indus, our content creators, and their following,” John added.

The company have previously partnered with content creators like @lazyassassinyt and @gamesgossipin, but want to increase the roster to give opportunities to more YouTube content creators.

Earlier in March 2023, SuperGaming revealed some alpha gameplay footage to show off how the game is shaping up. The UI for the game looked neat with customizable controls to give players the freedom to make their own gameplay style.

The game seemed a bit rough as the game was in alpha but gave the early access feeling of Apex Legend Mobile.l Speaking of Apex Legends Mobile, EA have shut down the service for the game and players who loved the game can look forward to the release or early access of Indus Battle Royale.

Talking about the lore, the game is set in Virlok, a futuristic universe featuring Indian mythological characters as playable character and historical locations as game arena. This is also a great opportunity for the growth of the AVGC sector on which the government is heavily focusing.

The game also seems to have a lot of potential, given the final release is polished with good and engaging gameplay loop for players.