Top 5 global titles in esports

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Tournaments are a regular part of many famous multiplayer games, but some games excel others in terms of gameplay, accessibility, community and prize pool. These games have big organizations backing them and a strong player base, crossing millions of players logging in daily.

These games are played globally and hold some of the biggest esports tournaments yearly with massive prize pools and participants from different parts of the world, be they individual players or a team of pros.

Below are the top 5 global titles in esports that are played worldwide and features some of the biggest prize pool in the esports gaming scene every year –

Dota 2

Dota 2 is an online real-time strategy (RTS) game developed by Valve Corporation and is currently one of the biggest global titles in esports with millions of fans. The game has also featured some of the highest prize pools in esports tournament history.

The game was announced in 2010 and entered the beta phase, which finally turned into a full release in 2013. The game features several heroes with different abilities. The players are split into two teams of five and have to destroy the enemy stronghold.

While easy in theory, the game heavily depends on all five teammates coordinating properly, or it can cost them the entire match. Currency management with knowledge of counter skills of opponents is also required.