Riot Games to host first official Valorant tournament ‘Convergence’ in India

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Riot Games, developers of Valorant, has announced the first official Valorant tournament by them called “Convergence” which will be held at the Manpho Convention Center in Bengaluru from December 14-17.

This marks a huge milestone for the Indian gaming and esports community. The four-day tournament will feature some of the top teams playing in Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) from different countries including Global Esports from India, FUT, Furia, Vitality, and GenG.

The event also coincides with the announcement made by Riot Games to host multiple off-season events across different countries. India is also set to host three official events for Valorant OFF//SEASON.

“With Convergence, Indian fans will finally get to see some of their favourite Valorant athletes perform in person and also interact with them off-stage. It will be a perfect ending to the 2023 VCT season, and we are just getting started here in India for such international events,” said Sukamal Pegu, Esports Lead for Riot Games in India and South Asia, as quoted by AFK Gaming.

With the announcement, the gamers are stoked and celebrating how far the Indian game industry has come in just a few years. This success comes as a combined effort by the community, industry and the government to recognize the potential of gaming in India.

Founder and Managing Director of The Esports Club, one of the major esports event hosts, Vamsi Krishna said, “This event will not only enhance the esports experiences in the country but also elevate India’s presence on the global gaming stage.”

The sheer number of fans for the game across India is also one of the primary reasons for Riot Games to expand their reach in India. The developers have even added an Indian-themed map and agent to the game, which has seen a very positive response from the community.