CrickPe 2.0? Ashneer Grover’s startup unveils new model ahead of Asia Cup

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Ashneer Grover’s fantasy sports platform CrickPe has now introduced new paid subscriptions through CrickPe Pro. The interesting feature about CrickPe Pro subscription is that it does not charge platform fees to users. This might be the CrickPe 2.0 Grover mentioned after the government announced 28% GST on full face value.

The plan allows users to select monthly or annual plans costing Rs 200 and Rs 1,000 respectively. Subscribing to either of these plans will waive off platform fees on CrickPe.

Another notable feature mentioned was team sharing, where a user can share his team and earn 5% on its winnings. As per moneycontrol, the workings, however, are yet to be revealed. All of this comes right before the Asia Cup as a way to bring back the users lost to increased taxation policies.

The 28% GST came as a heavy blow to the RMG industry, where several firms had to lay off people. MPL and Spartan poker were among the first ones to let go their respective workforces. Fantok and One World Nation, on the other hand, halted their operations temporarily.

CrickPe’s future depends on new subscription model

Co-founders Ashneer Grover, Madhuri Jain Grover, and Aseem Ghavri launched CrickPe just before the 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL) season. At that time, CrickPe was comparatively smaller than Dream11 and MPL. Despite that, the company announced hiring and its plan to revamp the gaming platform according to the GST changes.

The GST shake-up has also forced the company to change some policies. During the launch, CrickPe provided 10% of the pot money to the best performing player, but the policy seems to be missing with the revamp. The newer model does seem like an exciting feature, and many other platforms may soon follow a similar route.

The success of the platform with the new feature will now be awaited, which will also determine CrickPe’s future.