Deloitte: India is now the largest fantasy sports market in the world with over 13 cr users

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Over the last several years, the Indian Fantasy Sports (FS) industry has seen substantial expansion. The sector today serves to over 13 crore registered consumers, with a market size of about INR 34,000 crore boosted by smart investments, according to a recent report published by Deloitte India. Over the last five years, the industry’s reach has expanded to become the world’s largest, and customer acquisition in our sports-crazed country is only increasing.

As the business grows, FS operators are looking for ways to strengthen this symbiotic connection and contribute to the sports industry. While their digital presence is assisting in the creation of future-ready employment in AI, machine learning, and analytics, their contribution to the general growth of both Indian sports and the digital ecosystem is a testimony to the Atmanirbhar Bharat and Digital India concept.

The fantasy sports sector is likewise adopting order and structure to guarantee that a mature governance approach moderates the industry’s fast development. FS operators have created frameworks via self-regulation to guarantee that the industry’s growth is supported by ethical and transparent procedures that are enforced across all of its members.

Indian Population Are More Participate In Fantasy Sports Than Buying Market Stocks

Roughly 80% of fantasy sports players in India engage in ‘free contests,’ meaning they have nothing to lose even if their virtual team pick is awful, according to the Deloitte survey.

However, according to Ventura Securities, a brokerage firm, investing in the stock market is not a game of chance. Profits and losses are genuine in this game. Some people succeed in realising their dreams, but for others, generating money in the stock market remains a pipe dream.

Speculating on the outcome of a sporting event is speculative since it is based on chance, but establishing your own team and playing in fantasy sports is not. Making a virtual squad is the key to victory in a fantasy sports challenge, according to several courts, and it takes skills and knowledge of the game.

The passion for sports and the desire for fans to feel engaged have fueled the expansion of fantasy sports in India. While the opportunity to compete and earn rewards is supposed to reward players who have used information and gained abilities over time, the capacity to win prizes should not be considered the primary motivator for their involvement on such platforms, according to the Deloitte research report.

Investing or trading in the stock markets, on the other hand, is all about making money, whether in the short or long term.

A fantasy sports player’s path is partly linear, but not to the same extent as a stock market investor’s. When the market is strong and the mood is positive, it’s much simpler to get a consumer. However, his or her future success is contingent on previous experience and a thorough grasp of markets and related dangers.