5 Most Popular AAA Horror Games

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Horror is one of the most popular video gaming genres. Be it on PC, PlayStation or Xbox, players are always eager to experience a heart-pounding experience with a great storyline.

With technological advances every year, games become better looking and horror games are no exception as they also take advantage of this by creating some of the best heart-wrenching gameplay atmospheres and sounds.

While there are many horror games to choose from, we have listed the 5 most popular ones that everyone should try. The games are available on multiple platforms for players to choose from.

Here are the 5 most popular AAA horror games –

1. Dead Space (2023)

One of the best AAA horror games and remakes that released this year, Dead Space is one of the few good games published by Electronic Arts in a while. Gamers play as Issac, an engineer searching for his beloved on USG Ishimura, a space mining station, where the whole working crew suddenly disappeared.

Necromorphs (Space Zombies) are responsible for the disappearance of the crew and Isaac is keen on finding out what happened to the crew and his beloved.

The 2023 remake improves on a lot of things compared to the original game, both graphically and gameplay-wise. The next generation graphics combined with amazing sound effects and game director makes Dead Space even more terrifying. One can now have random jump scares, enemy spawns while backtracking. The game does its best to keep the players on their toes.

Gaming enthusiasts can get the 2023 remake for PS5 here.