Accused arrested in Bhilai assault case is connected with Mahadev Betting App scam

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In December 2023, a video went viral showing a few assailants beating a person in Durg district of Chhattisgarh. Police have now successfully arrested one of the attackers involved in the assault and are pursuing further action against him. Meanwhile, efforts are underway to locate other fugitive suspects.

It has been discovered that this incident is linked to the Mahadev App reported ETV Bharat. According to Inspector Keshav Ram Kosle, the assault case happened on December 3, 2023. A case was registered by the Housing Board resident Keval Dewangan, leading to a police search for the perpetrators. Among the accused are Congress leader Vikki Sharma, his son Jay Sharma, and others, who tricked a young man into a job as a computer operator in Patna. Upon arrival, he discovered he was coerced into working for the Mahadev app. He refused and managed to escape back to Bhilai.

The complaint alleges that the youth, who returned from Patna to Bhilai, was detained and beaten by members of the Mahadev betting gang, including Vikki Sharma, Jay Sharma, and Balveer Singh. A video of the assault went viral on social media. After the complaint, all the accused fled. Three months later, police finally arrested Jay Sharma, son of accused Vikki Sharma.

The incident occurred in the Jamul Police Station area. Vikki Sharma and Balveer Singh are still evading arrest. It is said that Balveer plays a major role in the Mahadev app. Many people receive instructions from him. So far, Balveer remains a fugitive.

Durg police have also recently had success in busting another gang. Multiple thefts were reported in the area. Four major thefts took place within two days in the Priyadarshini Complex and Nehru Nagar, the police finally caught the gang in Durg. Notably, while trying to escape, the criminals attempted to hit the police vehicle and harm a Crime Branch constable. However, the police managed to capture them in the Pulgaon area. Police arrested three members of the gang – Anoop Singh, Amit Singh, and Rakesh Kushwaha. Police seized stolen goods worth Rs. 10 lakh from the suspects.