After refusal to use Mahadev Betting App, 3 students kidnapped & beaten at farmhouse

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A gaming ID distributor kidnapped three students and brutally assaulted three students following a disagreement over operating an online betting app named Mahadev. They were taken to a farmhouse at night, where one student was brutally assaulted with acid on his private parts. Approximately six months later, when the case was reported to the police, the Jamul police filed charges under sections 294, 323, 347, 365, 506, and 34 against the accused Mahadev ID distributor Balvir Singh, the app operator Congress leader Vicky Sharma, his son Jay Sharma, and daughter Dippy Sharma.

As reported by Patrika, In the morning, the police conducted a raid at their residences following the complaint, only to find that all the accused had left the place. Jamul TI Keshav Kaushal stated that a case was registered only based on the complaint of Devangan (22 years old), who also attached a viral video as evidence. It was revealed that Balvir Singh, the accused, deceived Devangan and his two companions, Amit Haladhar and Abhishek Kamle, by promising them a job as computer operators.

They were told they’d have to work in Patna and were attracted into the job with a monthly salary of 30,000 rupees. The accused Balvir Singh, Vicky Sharma, and Jay Sharma took them to Jehanabad, in Bihar where their accommodation and meals were free. However, when they began work, they discovered they were being made to operate the Mahadev app for betting. When they refused to work, they were threatened.

Devangan mentioned that along with his companion Amit Haladhar, they were taken to a farmhouse. They were kept captive at home. Balvir would beat him during the day by grabbing his hair, and at night, Vicky’s daughter would slap him.

Youngsters from Jehanabad ran off to Bhilai. Devangan informed the police that after 20 days, when he got the opportunity, he ran away to Bhilai. A few days after arriving there, the culprits captured Amit and, through phone calls, abused all three, forcibly taking them in a car to their house and keeping them captive.

Brutality at the farmhouse

The students told the police in their statements that the entire incident occurred in May 2023. During that time, the main accused, Balvir, was cruel. He beat them at home and made videos. Later, at night, they took Amit Haladhar to a farmhouse near Rungta College, where acid was applied to his private parts.