AIGF applauds CCPA advisory against illegal online gambling endorsements by celebrities

Published on:

The All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) has praised the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) for its advisory warning celebrities and influencers against promoting betting and gambling firms. This advisory, issued under the Consumer Protection Act, aims to crack down on the proliferation of advertisements promoting illegal offshore gambling platforms, often endorsed by prominent figures in the Indian entertainment and sports industries.

Roland Landers, CEO of AIGF, expressed gratitude towards the government for its decisive action against these “anti-national illegal offshore gambling websites,” which have been disguising as legitimate news and sports websites in India. He emphasized the detrimental impact of these platforms on consumers and highlighted AIGF’s consistent efforts over the past nine years to address this issue.

“We have been tirelessly advocating for action against these illegal entities,” Landers remarked. “The proliferation of advertisements on major Indian OTT platforms, satellite channels, newspapers, and sports leagues has been a cause for concern, and we are committed to reporting any infractions to the government.”

Landers also highlighted the importance of distinguishing legitimate Indian online skill gaming operators from illegal gambling sites, which pose significant risks to consumers. He urged television networks, OTT platforms, and news publishers to take the advisory seriously and refrain from supporting these harmful websites.

“This advisory will help consumers differentiate between genuine gaming platforms, which prioritize player protection, and illegal gambling sites that cause widespread harm,” Landers concluded.

The AIGF’s acknowledgment of the government’s initiative reflects a collective effort to safeguard consumers and uphold the integrity of the gaming industry in India.