Bengaluru: Man wins Rs 44 crore lottery, blocks number thinking he is being fooled

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One man from Bengaluru unexpectedly won the lottery and became a millionaire overnight. At the Big Ticket draw series conducted in Abu Dhabi, Arun Kumar Vatakke Koroth of the IT hub of India won the grand prize of over Rs 40 crore (20 million Dirham).

However, Koroth assumed he was being fooled since he could not accept the news and blocked the number. In an interview with Khaleej Times, Koroth said, “After receiving the call from Big Ticket, I assumed it was fake, a prank, probably. I disconnected the line and blocked that number. After a while, I received a call from a different number.”

When asked how he found out about the Big Ticket draws, he explained that his friends had told him about them. He quickly began purchasing tickets online. On March 22, he purchased his second lottery ticket online, and surprisingly, that day, he won the grand prize.

“I bought this ticket through the ‘buy two, get one free’ option. The ticket I won was the third one. I could not believe that I had won the first prize. I am still in disbelief,” he added. Speaking on his future plans with the lottery winnings, Koroth said that he is planning to start his own business.

Interestingly, the second prize at the Big Ticket Draw was also won by an Indian named Suresh Mathan. He won a total of one lakh Dirhams which amounts to somewhere around Rs 22 lakh.

Last year in December, an Indian driver in Dubai named Ajay Ogula won Rs 33 crore (15 million Dirham) in the Emirates Draw. Ogula also said that his family in India did not believe him when he informed them about his winnings.

Ogula also revealed that he planned to start his own construction business and build a house for his family. Along with that, he also pledged to help out people in need.