Doritos launches AI noise cancellation software for Windows PC to mute gamers’ chewing sounds

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One of the worst things a gamer can do while playing a multiplayer game is distract their teammates through unwanted background noises in situations that require a lot of focus.

While not intentional, there are times when games have open mics and your teammates can hear you munching on food after, or sometimes even during rounds, when you are just chilling and spectating.

Doritos, a snacks brand, has now come up with a solution tied with their latest brand promotion. The tortilla chips produced by Doritos are known for their crunch while chewing. Working on that, the company has revealed “Doritos Silent”, a software to suppress the sounds of crunch.

The software can be downloaded from their official website for Windows 10 and 11 PC. Doritos Silent is designed specifically to analyse and detect chewing sounds. The software was made in partnership with Smooth Technology and acoustics experts and went through a six-month-long development period including analysis of over 5,000 different crunching sounds.

As per a study by Frito-Lay, over 45% of gamers have admitted that disturbances through voice chat severely affect their gaming performance as they act as distraction. Using Doritos Silent, players can munch on their food while acting as responsible teammates.

Gamers also do not need to worry about pricing as the software has been made available for free. One just needs to register on the official Doritos website and the download link will be sent.

Meanwhile, a similar software with a little more utility was released by nvidia called nvidia broadcast. It offers AI noise cancellation along with host of other features like background removal, image sharpening, among other things.

However, as the company is known to make tech exclusive, nvidia broadcast is only available for people with nvidia RTX GPU.