ED freezes Rs 42.21 crore more in E-nuggets gaming app fraud case

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The Enforcement Directorate (ED) froze Rs 42.21 crore more across 1548 bank accounts as part of the money laundering investigation relating to mobile gaming application, E-nuggets.

The funds were spread across these accounts to be later converted into cryptocurrencies and sent outside India. So far, ED has confiscated an amount of Rs 110.76 from various raids and bank accounts according to BusinessInsider.

One of the masterminds of the E-nuggets mobile gaming app fraud, Amir Khan, was arrested by the Kolkata police on September 24 and sent to ED custody for further investigation under the orders of a special PMLA court.

Several cases were also filed against Khan under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) by the Federal Bank authorities. According to reports Khan released the mobile gaming app named E-nuggets and gained the trust of app users by providing good returns. After some time when people started investing more their accounts became inaccessible and all the user data was deleted.

In September, ED seized a crypto wallet containing 77.62 bitcoins which amounts roughly to Rs. 12.83 crore under the PMLA after a raid at a house belonging to Amir Khan’s father in the Garden Reach area of Kolkata. Cash worth Rs 17.32 crore was sezied from the house.

The police also recovered multiple devices with remote access during the investigation which are said to be controlled from outside India and allegedly used by the real mastermind behind the fraud.

Shubhojit Srimani, a Dubai based businessman, is also believed to be Khan’s partner in the E-nuggets gaming app case. Srimani is believed to be operating from outside the country and the police have already issued a lookout notice against him.

Aamir Khan’s assistant Vikram Singh Gandhi, who served as a mediator in the case, was also taken into custody by ED. The police blocked another crypto wallet containing 150.22 bitcoins (Rs 22.78 Crore) under the PMLA. Amir Khan is being interrogated further with his friend Rumen Agarwal.