E-nuggets fraud case: PMLA court sends prime accused Amir Khan to 14-day ED custody

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The prime accused of E-nuggets mobile gaming app fraud, Amir Khan, was sent to 14-day custody of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Saturday by a special PMLA court.

Amir was earlier arrested by Kolkata police after several complaints were filed under various sections of IPC by the Federal Bank authorities. Several cases of fraud and money laundering have been registered against him by various people.

Several of Khan’s political ties have been exposed by the money trail, and his refusal to provide information resulted in his arrest.

Khan released the mobile gaming app E-nuggets, which was created with the intention of scamming users. He first gained trust of users by giving a good amount of profits and when users started investing huge sums of money, their withdrawal was suddenly stopped.

Following that the full user information including the profiles were wiped off from the servers. The money was then converted to cryptocurrencies through various crypto exchanges like Binance and were smuggled out of the country.

More than Rs 68 crore worth of assets have been seized by the agency so far in the case, the majority of them being cryptocurrencies that the accused and his colleagues purchased using black money.

During further investigations, the police also raided the premises of Khan and seized Rs 17 crore of unaccounted cash. Many of his subordinates have also been arrested during several raids.

Amir Khan has been also charged with destruction of evidence after he wiped off the data and profile information of users. ED is currently interrogating Khan for more information on money laundering and any potential involvement of a mastermind from outside the country.