Gambling Bust in Karnataka: 3 Municipal Council Members Arrested at Government Guest House

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Law enforcement authorities have arrested 16 individuals, including three members of the Hiriyur City Municipal Council in Karnataka, for participating in illegal gambling activities. The incident transpired at the government guest house in Vani Vilaspur, located within the Hiriyur Taluk of Karnataka.

During the operation, the police seized a sum of Rs 4.3 lakh in cash. The arrested individuals, namely Jagadish, Ajjappa, Anil Kumar, and Naseer, were not only members of the municipal council but also responsible for overseeing the guest house where the illicit activities occurred, as reported by Deccan Herald.

Prompted by credible intelligence, the police swiftly responded, leading to a raid on the guest house near the Vani Vilas Sagar dam. The report disclosed the involvement of the guest house staff in these illicit activities.

This incident mirrors similar busts earlier this year, such as the one in June when the Alwar Sadar Police Station in Rajasthan detained 10 individuals engaged in gambling in a building’s basement near Bhugor Tiraha, seizing over Rs 2 lakh. Another comparable event was reported in Pune, where the Social Security Cell raided an apartment’s parking lot, confiscating cash believed to be worth 6.80 lakh.

The Hiriyur rural police have initiated legal proceedings by registering a case, and a thorough investigation is currently underway.