Govinda continues to promote illegal betting websites

Published on:

After Lotus365, popular actor Govinda is now promoting yet another illegal betting service called ‘Kheloyar’, which provides access to several other banned betting and gambling services.

All the other betting services merged into the Kheloyar apps are the ones that were banned and deemed illegal by the Indian government. This also includes Lotus365, one of the most notorious betting websites that is still operating using a mirror domain despite being banned.

Like your average illegal betting and gambling websites celebrity promotion, the actor this time also claims ‘Kheloyar’ as the most trusted online gaming platform in India. He then goes on to promote the app and its offering of betting on various sports.

Govinda also encourages people to register with automatic ID creation in the promotional video and claims that there is also fast withdrawal with 24×7 customer support. He has seemingly promoted Lotus365 before, another banned betting website as can be seen in one of the recent promotional videos.

Going through their Instagram account, it seems that there are many more popular actors like Rajpal Yadav, Shakti Kapoor, and other celebrities and influencers who are also their brand ambassadors. The comments again are turned off on the videos to avoid any criticism.

In one of the videos, they also depicted Apple’s Siri suggesting an influencer to use the illegal betting platform, which might also be a violation of the use of company property for promotion of betting and gambling.

Many people lose huge amounts of money betting on these apps after watching the celebrities promote them, who also call them safe and legitimate. These misleading advertisements can also make these celebrities liable to be fined Rs 10-50 lakh under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) 2019.

People unsure of which platforms are illegal can check the list here.