Gujarat CID exposes Rs.1195 crore online gambling operation linked to Madhavpura scandal

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The Gujarat Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has brought to light yet another colossal online gambling operation connected to the notorious Madhavpura case, with an astonishing value of Rs. 1195 crore. This revelation follows closely on the heels of the arrest of prime suspect Amit Majithia in October for his involvement in a separate Rs 2500 crore gambling enterprise.

The investigation into the latest scandal has exposed a significant scam. Despite being under detention in Dubai, Majithia was found to be orchestrating a sophisticated online gambling network through mobile applications—OST and CBTF book. These platforms allegedly exploited bank accounts belonging to low-income individuals, such as laborers, farmers, and delivery personnel, to launder and transfer illegal funds.

A CID source disclosed, “We received intelligence about suspicious transactions in the account of Hemant Trading. Within a year, an astonishing Rs. 343 crore was deposited here. Similarly, Khonaji Waghela’s account witnessed deposits of Rs. 636 crore and transfers of Rs. 217 crore. It appears that these accounts, owned by vulnerable individuals, were misused by enticing them with a small percentage of the laundered money.”

Subsequent investigations led authorities to trace the operations back to Majithia, who was reportedly managing the entire racket from Sri Lanka. The CID has now registered cases against Bhavesh Sayaniya, Omshankar Tiwari, Ashvin Shayaniya, Dhananjay Patel, Vicky, and Bhavesh Joshi, all believed to be accomplices.

“These individuals allegedly facilitated illegal transactions worth several crores through 2,92,842 bank entries,” confirmed a CID official. “The investigation is ongoing, and we are exploring the international ramifications of this extensive network.”

The unfolding scandal underscores the persistence of illegal online gambling activities and the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in such operations. As the investigation progresses, authorities are working diligently to uncover the full extent of this elaborate network and its international connections.