Gurugram: 40 arrested for organizing illegal casino nights at farmhouse

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A police task force raided a farmhouse in Gurugram’s Sector 79 on Friday night and arrested 40 individuals for running an illegal casino.

As per the officers, the team seized Rs 2.10 lakh cash, casino tables, and tokens that were used to place the bets. The police received a tip-off about the illegal gambling activities which they confirmed through an investigation party before raiding the place.

Among the 40 arrested individuals, Krishna Kumar, Surendra Kumar, and Manish were identified as the organizers of the illegal casino.

Speaking to the media, assistant commissioner of police, Varun Dahiya said, “They used to invite people and host casino nights at the farmhouse. They’d been gambling for over a decade and were making more than ₹20 lakh a month.”

Further interrogation of the suspects revealed that the entire farmhouse was used to set up and conduct the illegal casino activities. Along with cash and casino equipment, the police also found a diary that contained transactions and customer names which led them to believe that the gang may also be involved in money laundering activities.

“It was also discovered during the preliminary investigation that the suspects were linked to an organised online casino racket. The gang members used to visit Goa casinos and were also connected there. Their strategy was to create a WhatsApp group and add regular customers or those who had references to other group members. No outsiders were allowed to join the group,” Dahiya further added, as per Hindustan Times.

While casinos are legal in a few states, Haryana is not one of them. All the arrested individuals have been booked under sections 13A, 3 and 67 of the Gambling Act.