Jabalpur: Man arrested for accepting bets on cricket match

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The police confronted Vicky alias Vikas Agarwal who was accepting bets on the India v/s Bangladesh cricket match of the ongoing T20 World Cup 2022 in the Karbala Road Ujarpura Lordganj area of ​​Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday.

The police officers surrounded and stormed the location as soon as they learned about the matter. Vikas Agarwal tried to escape when he saw the police. A laptop, five mobile phones, an LED TV with a setup box, and Rs 3,13,900 in cash have all been confiscated by the police during the raid.

Vicky or Vikas Agarwal, who resides in front of the Karbala Road Anjali Kirana Stores, is reported to have been accepting cricket wagers at his home for a very long time. In fact, he was actively taking bets at the time of the police raid as well.

The Lordganj police and the Crime Branch quickly formed a raid party and located the place he was residing at. As mentioned earlier, Vicky tried to escape when he saw the police approaching his house but was surrounded and caught by the police.

Upon entering his betting den, the police found a mobile phone connected to a call on speaker, the betting odds were being spoken continuously from the other end of the call and was probably used by Vikas to take bets.

“Police have now registered a case against Vikas for 34 years under Section 4A Speculation Act,” the police station in-charge of Lordganj, Madhur Pateria and SI Sandhya Chandel stated in their report.

Meanwhile, similar cases of illegal betting also took place during the festival of Diwali in large numbers in Rajasthan and Assam, too. While the Rajasthan police have started a campaign to catch and punish all the gamblers, Assam police have not been able to do much in this regard.