Kanika Mann joins other celebrities and influencers in promoting banned betting website Lotus365

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Actress Kanika Mann has released a new promotional video with banned betting website Lotus365 on her Instagram account. The actress has also previously posted a promotional image for the same.

Mann can be seen promoting the live casino and sports betting features that are offered on the illegal betting platform and encourages people to play the former on the platform if they feel like visiting Goa casinos.

It is surprising to see that an actress who has previously promoted a legal online gaming platform Mobile Premier League (MPL) is now promoting an illegal and banned betting website. This raises the question as to how much due diligence is done by these celebrities before signing up for a promotion deal.

With each passing day, it seems that Lotus365 is signing up more and more celebrities and influencers as there has hardly been any action from the government. A few days ago, actresses Sreemukhi and Esther Anil also posted promotional content for the banned betting website.

Many big names in Bollywood have also signed up with Lotus365 and other offshore banned betting websites that are operating in India without any licence. These betting firms do not have physical offices in India and operate through mirror domains after the government blocked access to their websites.

With the celebrities promoting such illegal betting platforms it creates a sense of trust among their fans around the platform. They can believe what they say. Many a time some celebrities have made false claims, too.

On the other hand, there are some people who do not get swayed by the celebrities’ claims and call out that they are promoting illegal activities. As a result, many of the celebrities now turn off commenting on promotional posts with banned betting platforms.

The government recently announced amendments to the IT Rules, 2021 which will hopefully address the scourge of illegal betting websites and the associated celebrity promotional posts.

Meanwhile, under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) 2019 celebrities promoting a banned betting website can be charged for false advertisements and be made liable to pay a hefty amount of fine. Moreover, they can also be banned from endorsing any brand for one year.

People unsure of which platforms are illegal can check the list here.