Suniel Shetty continues to promote banned betting website Lotus365 with responsible gaming ad

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In another attempt of pretending to care about the users and improving its public image, Lotus365 has released a responsible gaming advert with Suniel Shetty.

In the latest social media post, Shetty can be seen educating people about the potential risks of online gaming and how it can even cause addiction. He adds that many a time the warning information is displayed or said quickly leading to people not understanding it properly.

The post ultimately turns towards the promotion of Lotus365 with Shetty claiming that there is no hera pheri (shady business practices) on it. He advises people to play on the app in their free time. However, he follows it up by encouraging them to play every day.

Despite saying that the statutory warning in online gaming ads is usually sped through by the brands, this advert was not any different when it showed its own warning message with the voice-over at the end. This latest video is an attempt to create an impression that both Lotus365 and Shetty support responsible gaming as when the previous advert with the actor had come out, Instagram users had criticized him for promoting an illegal activity.

Shetty even called Lotus365 as the “messiah of all gaming apps” in that advert. The illegal offshore betting and gambling app is banned in India along with other similar websites.

All of these websites have commonalities such as having their companies registered in tax havens, using mirror domains to operate illegally after getting banned in a country, and using surrogate sports news websites and celebrity endorsements to lure in more users.

These celebrities who are promoting Lotus365 can be sued for false and misleading advertisements under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 and fined Rs 10-50 lakh. They can also be banned from appearing in any brand’s advertisement for one year.

People unsure of which platforms are illegal can check the list here.