Mahadev Book case: Five people arrested for chain snatching after being riddled with debt from betting

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A  group of five people was arrested by Durg police recently for multiple chain snatching incidents. During interrogation, it was revealed that the group had begun chain snatching in order to pay the debts incurred due to betting on the Mahadev Book app.

Further investigation revealed that these individuals used the Mahadev betting app regularly but faced heavy losses from betting and ended up in debt of Rs 4.5 lakh. In order to repay it, they devised a plan and started chain snatching.

After several reports of chain snatching surfaced the police arrested the five, with one of them found to be a minor. The police recovered seven gold chains and the two-wheelers which were used to run away after committing the crime, as reported by Zee News.

The group started chain snatching after watching and learning from YouTube videos. They found it was easy to commit the crime and started doing it on a regular basis. After a successful snatch, they used to sell the gold chain to a local jeweler in the city.

With chain snatching incidents increasing, the police formed a special unit and started monitoring the suspects. They also interrogated past criminals for clues. One of the suspects was also questioned, who at first denied any knowledge of the situation, but later revealed the facts of the incidents.

Several cases related to the illegal betting app Mahadev Book app are emerging in Chhattisgarh after strict actions being taken by the police. The kingpin Saurabh Chandrakar is a Durg native who manages the operations from Dubai. The Mahadev Book has led to losses running into lakhs and crores for many users. A recent arrest revealed that some of the branch operators or agents generated daily betting revenues of up to Rs 25 lakh.