Nazara Tech: Company to launch 5 games through Nazara Publishing

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Nazara Technologies Ltd., a gaming and esports firm, recently announced the upcoming launch of five games. Notably, the launch of these games will be done through Nazara Publishing, company’s gaming development arm. Out of five, four titles have been developed and built by Indian gaming studios across various genres.

A 2D action game – Gravity Shooter; Multiplayer Cricket title – World Cricket League; a puzzle game – Hacked are lined up. Additionally, titles like Laser Tanks (role-player category) and Paperly (Physics-based category) are also part of the launch.

Nazara plans to release even more titles during the next year. With Nazara Publishing, it aims to provide a platform for local development, data analysis, beta testing, enhanced monetization. Furthermore, the company also has plans to create better user acquisition opportunities for the developers, according to Moneycontrol.

Nazara to launch more games in 2024

The company plans to release even more games by the end of next year and ultimately create a platform that will provide game and app developers access to localisation, data analytics, beta testing, enhanced monetization and better user acquisition.

With the booming gaming market, Indian developers can help boost their morale through creating innovative titles. The local developers, especially, will be able to reach more audience, while also getting their fair share of revenue. Gamers will also get to play games from similar indie developers from other countries.

A variety of games, including web3, virtual reality (VR), to name a few, will also be available on Nazara’s platform. This will provide a marketplace to download games directly rather than through APK files off the internet.

Experts like founder Nitish Mittersain, COO Sudhir Kamath and Akshat Rathee (cofounder NODWIN Gaming) will mentor the young, amateur developer and help them make it big. All in all, Nazara has really laid down a decent plan to up the sound gaming market in the country.