NCP’s Rohit Pawar criticizes MH Govt over presenting bill repealing Casinos Act in Assembly

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Nationalist Congress Party MLA Rohit Pawar on Thursday, December 07, took to his social media, criticizing the Maharashtra government. Pawar took a dig at state’s BJP President Chandrashekhar Bawankule as he presented the bill regarding casino regulation in the assembly.

Notably, the winter assembly session began on Thursday, and thus, Pawar questioned the functioning of the state government. He questioned the act of introducing casino bill in the assembly while the youth is suffering from paper leaks. The MLA further questioned the need of giving importance to issues like casino regulation over paper footing, according to divyamarathi.

Taking to his X, Pawar wrote, “The youths who are suffering from paper footing in the state are demanding a strict law in this regard. Accordingly, it was expected that a bill would be brought in this regard on the very first day of the session, but it failed.”

He further added, “But this government brought a bill on the ‘important’ issue of casino on the very first day… Before making this law, a committee under the chairmanship of senior ‘experienced’ leader Chandrasekhar Bawankule Sir should be formed, and this bill should be sent to him!”

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Sanjay Raut criticizes Bawankule on being spotted playing casino in Macau

Recently, Shiv Sena UBT and Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Raut also criticized Bawankule. Raut shared a picture on social media, spotting the BJP President playing casino in Macau during a family trip. He claimed that Bawankule spent more than Rs 3 crore while he played casino.

Raut picked apart that Bawankule’s actions came during a time when the state is already in a dire situation. To which, Bawankule responded, claiming that he was simply sitting while waiting for his family as the hotel had an integrated casino.

He also criticized that his actions came during a time when the state is already in a dire situation. Bawankule responded, claiming that while it is true that he went on a trip to Macau. However, he was simply sitting while waiting for his family, as the hotel had an integrated casino.

While it is true that the plan to repeal the Casinos Act was approved during the cabinet meeting in August. Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis, who is strictly against legalizing casino, was the one who forwarded the request.

Many other experts proposed the idea of generating and increasing revenue for the state. Tech and Gaming lawyer Jay Sayta brought the old bill into the light. Sayta suggested measures and expressed how the Act can help dissolve financial woes of the government.